Three trendy movements every manager should know about

Coming up in the viral threads or growing underground to disrupt our current practices, there are upcoming movements everywhere. Lets focus on three of them:

  • Corpoworking
  • Perma-nagement (Permaculture & Management)
  • The future of work is… not at work

1. Corpoworking: unleashing potentials and fostering agility


Corpoworking brings co-working in-house. We call a lot of people collaborators but the term became so common that we almost forget its essence.

As a matter of fact, this is the reason why walls should be broken, information must be shared and every project status should be transparent.

Corpoworking is a projects-based innovative room that can serve as a lab for new ways of working . (To not confuse with open-space…)

Corpoworking at Orange
Corpoworking at Orange

Orange Group has the most advanced prototype in France called « Villa Bonne Nouvelle » where three teams and few start-ups are corpoworking in 350 m2. The project has been initiated to accompany the digital transformation.

Adding Art expositions, modular furnitures, and prototyping events, Orange made this corpoworking space the new heart of innovation pumping change in the company digital transformation.

Corpoworking is a tool that must be part of a whole strategy. Using it as the sole answer to your change management challenge will end up as a huge money waste.

Case study:

The French biscuit producer Poult was aware of this fact. The Innovation director asked directly to the employees in 2010 what was their opinion about the future of the company. As a result the board of director was replaced by a committee that made more sense for the 800 employees composed by operational representatives of Research and development, production, and all other functions.

They also created strategic partnerships with schools and start-ups. Poult also empowered their employees with trust, independent objectives fixed by autonomous teams, as well as a powerful upward channel of communication to let employees influence the strategy.

2. Perma-nagement: The natural approach of permaculture to manage projects


Permaculture is first and foremost the philosophy of taking care of nature, of people and to fairly share.

 What doest it has to do with management ? will you say…

Well, it based on systemic processes that make an ecosystem work without human intervention. Permaculture aims at strategically planting different types of plants with several patterns that will serve each other. Companion planting solutions are broad. Some plants with significant smell can serve as camouflage to other so that pests confuse them all, a tree can serve a shade provider for a particular ecosystem etc.

To find out the best arrangements in nature, permaculture propose 12 principles:
1. Observe & interact
2. Catch and store energy
3. Obtain a yield
4. Apply self-regulation and accept feedback
5. Use & value renewable resources and services
6 Produce no waste
7. Design from patterns to details
8. Integrate rather than segregate
9. Use small & slow solutions
10. Use & value diversity
11. Use edges & value the marginal
12. Creatively use and respond to change

The research and application are still at the early stage, which gives you the ability to be at the edge of a new way of managing.

Here is a translation from the agricultural approach to the management world to help you set up a sustainable ecosystem in your teams.

  1. Get to know your people
  2. Observe them & their interactions
  3. Allow space and time for them to perform
  4. Understand how they want to use their energy
  5. Praise success and embrace failure
  6. Ask for feedbacks and listen to complaints
  7. Make sure positive energy is not wasted
  8. Integrate rather than segregate
  9. Value small and actionable solutions
  10. Diversity is key
  11. Frame the project and embrace out-of-the-box ideas
  12. Turn challenges into opportunities for change

Sustainability in managing practices will help your projects growing and individuals will blossom.

3. The future of Work is… not at work.

If work-life balance became the favorite topic during the coffee and jour-fixes topics for the last decade, the future of work might not take place in the typical office.

Managers at home
Office POd
  • With office pods managers are re-inventing “teletravail”. Tis pod can be installed in your garden.
Business Travelers

A large range of solutions exist for businessmen that will keep you out of the typical business trip.



– International Coworking spaces accessible with one card:

– Exotic solutions:

I hope you enjoyed this first article. I have many ideas for the following ones. Feel free to contact me & have fun at work in the meantime.

Anthony Payet – Coach & blogger


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